Vacant House Check

Boise vacant rental house checkSafety and security are an integral part of the duties as property managers; so when the investments you manage are in between tenants is essential to ensure the property is secure.

Safeguarding your vacant properties with routine visits allows you to catch any issues related to repairs, weather, security or any number of other issues. This is especially important if you are utilizing the self-showings technology available. Review our checklist below!

Vacant House Checks Checklist:

Lockbox is functioning properly

Key is present & easy to use

Verify signage at the property

Remove flyers, newspapers & debris from front entry

Doors and windows are secure and locked

Utilities are on and functioning properly

Check for leaks at all water sources

Flush all toilets

Run all faucets

Run disposal

Visually check the garage

Note any light bulbs burnt out

Visually check exterior plants and landscaping

Adjust thermostat as requested

Visually inspect for pests (interior/exterior)

Check fence is locked/secured

*We can check any property specific items as requested

Our service area includes Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, and Middleton.